Your questions, answered.

We do things differently, so we know you'll have questions.

Will you really build my new website for free?

Yes! Once you've completed our onboarding process (which is all done online and only takes 5 minutes) we'll schedule your project and let you know when it's ready to view. We won't charge you a penny and you're under no obligation to stay with us if you're not happy with the results.

So, when/how do you get paid?

Once we complete your new website, we'll send you a project code to review it. If you love what we've designed (and we're positive you will), you can select a payment plan that works for you and we'll make your project live.

We're serious about design and we love our craft. We hate seeing clients stuck with terrible websites because they were forced down a path after making the wrong choice. Our process eliminates any barriers to entry and allows us to demonstrate what we can do for you at zero cost and zero risk.

How much are the payment plans?

We design each website from scratch. We don't use templates, wordpress or "machine generated" design. Every website we build is designed by a real human designer. For that reason, the cost of each website is unique and depends on the scope of the project. Larger projects will cost more, smaller projects will cost less.

However, big or small, our clients are always surprised by the value of our payment plans. We're confident that whatever you think the cost might be, it will likely be less.

What do the plans include?

All of our plans include:

  • Lifetime hosting as standard
  • Priorty technical and design support
  • Visitor contact forms
  • Dedicated designer for continuous updates and edits

We'll also take care of the technical stuff to get your existing domain redirected to your new website.

What if I don't like what you've designed?

We thank you for giving us a shot and we say goodbye. Remember, you're under no obligation to stay with us. However, our success rate is extremely high and we're confident you'll love what we design for you.

I still have some questions...

Drop us a line on and we'll be happy to answer them.